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Magic Words

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In Magic Words, you’ll discover how to MASTER The ‘Dark Art’ of Dirty Talk. Why is this important? Well, pay...

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In Magic Words, you’ll discover how to MASTER The ‘Dark Art’ of Dirty Talk.

Why is this important?

Well, pay attention, and I’ll tell you…

Most sex advice focuses on ways to lick the clit, sex positions, massage and other BASIC stuff. And, that’s okay, but it’s NOT the stuff that really blows a woman’s mind in bed.

You see, what women really like are Sexually Dominant men (hint: this is why 50 Shades of Grey was such a huge best-seller… and provided millions of sexually frustrated women with some ‘sexual relief’... because the main male character was extremely dominant).

Now, dominance isn’t just a physical thing…

It’s not just about being in charge, restraining your woman, pinning her down, spanking her and so on (though, ALL emotionally healthy women love that kinda thing)...

Dominance is also about MENTALLY STIMULATING your woman’s mind during sex…

And, the way you stimulate her mind is with Dirty Talk.

Done correctly, Dirty Talk has 3 huge benefits:

  1. You’ll find it much easier to give your woman Multiple Orgasms every time, when you talk dirty (because you’ll be stimulating her MIND as well as her body)

  2. When you give your woman Multiple Orgasms every time, her sex-drive will SKYROCKET - meaning: no more pestering her for sex, and having her make up annoying excuses like “Not Tonight Honey, I’m Tired” (instead: she’ll be pestering - or, more likely BEGGING - you for sex!)

  3. When you give her Multiple Orgasms every time, and her sex-drive is firing-on-all-cylinders, her “inner slut” will come out to play (so not only will you ‘get laid’ way more often… the sex will be way more interesting and exciting too)

In Magic Words you’ll discover:

  • How to perfect your “Dirty Talk Voice” - it’s a bit different to your everyday voice (but, don’t worry, perfecting it is EASY)

  • What to say to ‘get her turned on,’ during Foreplay and during Intercourse (plus… advanced techniques, including how to LENGTHEN and INTENSIFY her ORGASMS using dirty talk)
  • A few Dirty Talk RULES you must keep in mind - use these wisely and your Dirty Talk will make your woman hotter, wetter and more ORGASMIC for you than ever before (ignore them and you’ll likely make her Laugh or Offend her… which isn’t what you want)

Honestly, most men think that having a 12 inch penis would make them AMAZING in bed. But, you only have to watch a little porn to see that SIZE is no guarantee of female pleasure!

However, expert Dirty Talk is something ALL women want, need and secretly crave…

Master this ‘Dark Art’ by reading “Magic Words” and you’ll find it EASY to be the best your woman’s ever had…

Giving her more Orgasms in a single night, than most guys give their women in a month, or more!

THAT’s the power of Dirty Talk.

Get a copy of Magic Words now, read it, use the techniques on your woman, and prepare to experience a whole new quality of sex-life!

Magic Words is an eBook. You can read it on any PC/Desktop, Laptop, Mac, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

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