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Capsules (New for 2021) Description Rock Hard Formula: Capsules (New for 2021) Due to popular demand, we’ve finally launched something thousands...
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Capsules (New for 2021)

Rock Hard Formula: Capsules (New for 2021)

Due to popular demand, we’ve finally launched something thousands of our customers have been requesting for YEARS:

Rock Hard Formula in capsules...

Simply take 6 capsules a day, with liquid.

For optimal results, take the capsules 30-60 minutes before intense physical activity (for instance: sex, a workout, or a sports competition. If you aren’t doing any of these activities on a particular day, take them in the morning, because Rock Hard is stimulating, it’ll give you energy and drive)

The question many people will have is:

“What’s the benefit of the Rock Hard Capsules over the original, best-selling Rock Hard Powder?”

The answer is simple:

  • Both Capsules and Powder are IDENTICAL in terms of the ingredients - both contain the same incredibly pure and potent herbs, mixed in the exact same ratios (for maximum results)
  • The Capsules are more convenient - which is why so many customers have requested them (you just swallow them with liquid)
  • The Powder is more cost effective (you get more powder for your money)

Ultimately, it comes down to this:

If CONVENIENCE matters most to you - get the capsules.

If getting the MOST Formula for your money matters most to you - stick with the powder.

The price for a 30 day supply is the same for both the powder and the NEW capsules. The difference in quantity is as follows:

  • One tub of Rock Hard Formula in powdered form is 150grams.

In contrast…

  • One bottle of the NEW Rock Hard Formula capsules is 180 capsules (you take 6 a day, containing a total of 3 grams of Rock Hard. 30 days x 3 grams = 90 grams in total)

As you can see…

It’s CAPSULES for CONVENIENCE, and the original powder for best value for money. Only you can decide which is best for you - either way, you’ll love the results you get!


More details on Rock Hard Formula (used by over 100,000 men, in more than 125 countries worldwide)...

Rock Hard Formula is for men who want to improve their Sexual Performance. If you have problems getting, or maintaining an erection - Rock Hard Formula could really help you.

And even if your ability to ‘Get Hard’ and ‘Stay Hard’ is already pretty good - Rock Hard Formula can still be of great benefit to you…

Taking your performance to ‘the next level.’

Here’s what I mean:

I’ve been consuming 2 teaspoons of Rock Hard ever since Elwin and I first created the product back in 2015.

The result?

I feel unstoppable in the bedroom. My erections are 100% reliable - and I share an AWESOME sex-life with my wife.

I’ll share another ‘Real-World’ Success Story with you right now:

A close friend of mine, who is approaching his 40th Birthday - was really struggling with his Sexual Performance. In fact, his ability to ‘Get Hard’ had pretty much completely vanished - and his Sex-Drive was virtually non-existent.

This had happened to him at the relatively young age of 39, because he spent several years living ‘on the edge’ - addicted to Steroids, various Recreational Drugs, and Fast-Food.

However, much to his delight, within just a few days of taking Rock Hard Formula, he was enjoying increased energy levels, a resurgence in his Libido, and ‘Morning Wood’ every day!

The 5 most common benefits you can experience when you consume Rock Hard Formula consistently are:

- More reliable erections

- HARDER erections

- Improved staying power

- More ‘volume’ when you ejaculate

- Increased sexual desire

And, there are 3 major reasons why thousands of men, from all over the world, enjoy taking Rock Hard Formula every day:

  1. It’s safe and natural (made up of nothing but 9 Ancient Chinese SuperHerbs, combined in very specific quantities… and Free-From added Sugar, Trans Fats, Artificial Colorings and Flavorings, and anything genetically modified)

  2. It can work very quickly for you (with the majority of users experiencing improvements in their sexual performance within just 1-5 days of taking Rock Hard)

  3. It’s quick and easy (just take 6 capsules a day, with liquid)

Of course, investing in a bottle of Rock Hard Formula Capsules is a ‘No-Brainer’ - because you’re covered by our 60 Day, 100% Satisfaction, or Your Money-Back Guarantee.

Enjoy Your Rock Hard!

Adam Armstrong

Co-Founder of New Alpha Nutrition, and Co-Creator of Rock Hard

P.S. For best results:

Take 6 capsules of Rock Hard Formula 30-60 minutes before intense physical activity (sex, a workout, or a sporting competition).

Alternatively, take 6 capsules every morning - because Rock Hard is stimulating, and it’ll give you more ENERGY (so you can fully enjoy, and DOMINATE, the day ahead).

He Shou Wu
Goji Berry
Tribulus Terrestis
Morinda Root
Horny Goat Weed
Nettle Root
Eucommia Bark
Salvia Root

Take 6 capsules a day, with liquid. For optimal results, take the capsules 30-60 minutes before intense physical activity (for instance: sex, a workout, or a sports competition)

With any new food or herb, always start slowly at first, especially if you are sensitive to new foods or herbs. Discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice if any adverse symptoms occur. Do not have more than the suggested usage per day, unless advised by a herbal practitioner. Always seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

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